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TriCalc lets you calculate time, distance, and pace/speed before or after your workouts & races, for running, biking or swimming.

Simply enter your various times, distances or paces for each sport, and TriCalc will calculate the total time for a race.  Or use it to individually calculate a single sport race or workout.

Supports both triathlon and duathlon (run/bike/run) modes for total race time calculations.

Great for estimating splits for upcoming races, or figuring out what pace you need to run to hit that magic PR.

Features include:

  • Solves for time, distance, or pace.
  • Enter numbers with dials or a keyboard.
  • Live recalculating – change any of the inputs and the result is instantly displayed.  Great for playing with paces to see what your final projected times might be.
  • Supports miles or kilometers (for running & biking) and yards or meters (for swimming), with automatic conversion between units.
  • >One-touch pre-set distances for easy and accurate calculations on common races (5K, 10K, Olympic, Half Iron, Ironman, etc).