More Smores!

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For Halloween or any time, roast marshmallows, smoosh them between graham crackers & chocolate, you’ll always want some more!  All the fun of making smores right on your phone or iPad. Different flavors of graham crackers & cookies, all kinds of chocolates, toppings, and even different places to camp out and roast!

More Smores supports all iPads and iPhones, including the newest iPhone 6 and 6+!  And it gives you so many choices, you’ll never get tired of making smores.

Features include:

  • Pick from 11 locations to camp out, from the forest to the beach, desert, swamp or jungle.
  • A dozen flavors of marshmallows, from plain to chocolate, even Halloween themed Jack-O-Lanterns and Ghosts!
  • A dozen kinds of graham crackers, cookies, even pretzels & waffles to smoosh your smore between.
  • 9 kinds of chocolate and 50 candy toppings, with everything from gummy fish to chocolate chips, peanut butter, sprinkles, and fruit & nuts.  Make the craziest and tastiest smore around.
  • Share your smores via email/Facebook or save them to your photo library.
  • Fully supports iOS8 and iOS7, retina displays and all screen sizes with super sharp graphics.
  • No ads or in-app purchases, everything is unlocked!