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Don’t get injured by running in worn-out shoes with too many miles on them!

Whether you are training for a marathon, half marathon, or even your first 5K, Shoe Run Run helps you track how many miles you’ve run on multiple pairs of shoes, so you know when it’s time to replace them, getting you to the start line of your race healthy!

Shoe Run Run lets you keep track of multiple pairs of shoes, easily adding the miles you have run on each pair.  It’s a post-workout logbook, not a battery-draining GPS tracker, so you can add miles for a run whether it was on the road, trail, track or treadmill.  Just grab your phone after your run and quickly tap in the run distance & date, Shoe Run Run will do the rest.

For each pair of shoes you’re tracking, you can pick a shoe brand & model, photo, purchase date, and set mileage warnings for when it’s time to replace that pair.

Features Include:

  • Track multiple pairs of shoes at once, in either miles or kilometers.
  • Quick & easy run entry, as few as 3 taps to add a run!
  • Select from a dozen built-in photos to identify your shoes, or take a picture with your camera to tag the shoes.
  • Each pair can have a name, purchase date, and brand/model assigned to it.
  • Choose from 19 built in shoe brands and over 200 models, or add custom brand/model names.
  • See histories of all the runs for each pair of shoes, and if you made a mistake, easily delete individual runs.
  • Customize the mileage warnings for each pair of shoes, so you’ll know exactly when to replace them, whether you get 250 or 500 miles out of a pair.
  • Retire shoes that have been replaced without deleting them- they can still show up in the list if you want to go back and look at them again (or even un-retire them).
  • Automatically sort your shoes by purchase date, total miles, brand, name, or last run date.