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Do you love the 80’s?  Miss the disco 70’s?  Or just don’t get that same feeling listening to your favorite tunes on the iPod that you did from vinyl?

RetroTunes feeds your nostalgia, with a fully functional record player, cassette tape deck, boom box, and 8-track player right inside your iPhone or iPod Touch!

RetroTunes works with the songs & album art in your iPod music library.  Just start up your iPod or choose songs to play directly from inside the app, and you’ll be spinning away.

Play your tunes while watching the animated turntable, with moving arm that tracks where in the song the record is currently playing.  Or pop in a cassette to the tape player, with fast forward and rewind buttons that work just like you remember.   And if you are feeling nostalgic for the 70s, switch to an 8-track.

Features include:

  • Automatically retrieves album artwork and makes an album cover & record with matching label to spin on the turntable.  Or creates a custom 8-track tape with album art on it!
  • Seamless access to all the songs in your iPod music library.
  • Detects songs you are already playing on the iPod or lets you pick your own songs to play from within the app.
  • Fully animated turntable- the record spins, the arm moves, record albums fly in from offscreen and the record gently settles onto the turntable.
  • Option to add a subtle record hiss/pops to your songs as they play
  • Animated tape deck
  • 8 track tape player
  • Boom box with animated LEDs and thumping woofers
  • Skip to the next or previous song , fast forward/rewind and play/pause.