Race Pace

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Race Pace is a race time predictor for runners.  Similar to online Riegel or McMillian calculators, with Race Pace you enter your best time for a race distance, then it will estimate your finish times for up to 20 other distances (from 200m to 50 miles).

Run a time trial to gauge fitness and see if that Boston Qualifier is in reach, or just see what you might run a 10K in given your most recent 5K performance.

Race Pace will also automatically show you training paces for your current fitness level or a goal race.  Training paces (tempo runs, steady state, long runs, etc) are based on common estimates, but can be fully adjusted to your particular training plan.

Once you have your goal times & paces, the app will automatically generate splits for your next track workout.  No more trying to do the math in your head at the track to figure out if those 400 repeats at 5K pace should be 1:49 or 1:52!

All of your predicted race times, track splits, and training paces can be emailed to your coach, yourself, or friends with the touch of a button.

Features include:

  • 23 built in race distances, from 200m to 50 miles.
  • Customizable list of distances, pick just those races you are interested in.
  • View track splits for any calculated pace, with split times all the way from 100’s to 2000’s.
  • Get your paces for common training runs, with completely customizable formulas to match your training plan.
  • Support for metric or english units.  Distances in miles or km, paces in min/mile or min/km.
  • Adjustable prediction formula.  If you are faster at short races or faster at long distance, you can easily adjust the calculations to fit your abilities.
  • Email race times or track splits.