More Snow Cones

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Need a cool treat on a hot summer day?  Download the most realistic snow cone app on the iPhone and iPad- More Snow Cones!  From Maverick Software, the people that invented food apps and make hits like Cupcakes!, More Sundaes! and More Breakfast!

You start by adding ice cubes to the ice crusher and turning the crank to make shaved ice.  Then pick from over two dozen cups with fun colors & patterns, to put your snow cone in.

Once you have your cup of ice, you can add as many flavored syrups to it as you want!  Over 30 flavors to choose from- make a cherry/blueberry/lime snow cone.  Or just blue raspberry.  Or get wild and have coffee and sweet cream!  Add a little or a lot, you control exactly where the syrup goes.

Syrups aren’t the only thing you can top your cone with – you can also pick from two dozen fruit & candy toppings like sprinkles.

Before you eat your snow cone, you need to pick the right spot- choose backgrounds like the beach, a picnic, carnival, fireworks show and more.

Share a snow cone with a friend via email or post it to your Facebook page!  And save up to 48 of your best snow cones in a built-in freezer.

Features include:

  • Fully supports iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad, including tasty Retina Display graphics
  • 26 cups to choose from
  • 52 flavors of syrup, that you can add as many to a single cone as you want!
  • 24 fruit & candy toppings
  • 10 backgrounds
  • Share your snow cone via email, save to your Photos album, or post on Facebook
  • A freezer to save your favorite creations
  • Cone-o-meter to track how many cones you’ve made, with Game Center leader boards to see the best snow cone makers in the world!