More Easter Eggs

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Dye, decorate and share the coolest Easter eggs ever on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch!  Use different egg dyes, stickers, crayons and glitter to make your eggs perfect, then share them with friends, make an Easter basket, or play hide & seek with them.

More Easter Eggs gives you countless options to die your eggs different colors, use a magic wax pen to decorate the eggs before dipping, and even has wild egg dips like zebra, denim, and leopard spots!

After you dip your eggs, you can decorate them more with crayons, tons of stickers, and even shake your phone to sprinkle glitter on the egg.

Decorate up to a dozen eggs at a time, then arrange them in an Easter basket to share with friends, or hide the eggs in a virtual landscape for others to find.  You can have the app hide the eggs for you, so you can seek them out.

Features include:

  • Full support for iPad/iPad mini, iPhone and iPod Touch, including Retina graphics and support for tall iPhone 5 displays.
  • 30 different colors & textures to dip your eggs
  • Magic wax pen to mark the eggs before dipping- the color only sticks to the part of the egg without wax!
  • 16 colors of crayons
  • 40 stickers to add to your eggs
  • 8 colors of glitter to shake on your eggs
  • 15 achievements to earn by decorating eggs & finding secrets
  • Game Center leaderboard to see who can dip the most eggs!