More Donuts!

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You get to mix up your dough and cut out donuts, donut holes, filled donuts or even bars.  Then drop them in the fryer til they are a golden brown.  After you’ve made a batch, you can decorate each donut just like you want, painting on icing, sprinkles, candy, fruit, nuts and more!  Finally, eat your donuts by taking virtual bites, or share them with friends on Facebook or via email.

Yeast donuts, cake donuts, cinnamon rolls, chocolate cake, blueberry cake, and buttermilk donuts are all in there!  Make each from scratch with real recipes.

Features include:

  • 6 flavors of donuts, with cutout shapes for donuts, donut holes, filled donuts and bars
  • Cinnamon rolls you roll out and slice
  • 60 kinds of icing, sugar & sprinkles, candy, fruit and nuts to decorate with
  • 9 flavors of fillings for filled donuts
  • Share your donuts via email, Facebook, or save to your photo library
  • Choose from 14 different designs of plates to serve your donuts on
  • 20 achievements to earn and brag about over Game Center
  • World wide donut maker leader board