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In the puzzle game, you pick the picture you want to play from 20 built-in objects, and it’s cut into jigsaw pieces that you can touch and drag on the screen to put back together.  Once you’ve solved the puzzle, you can then color your picture however you want!  Or pick a new picture to play in puzzle mode.  Your fastest times for solving each puzzle are saved, so you can see how fast you can solve each puzzle!


Or if you want to just get creative, go straight to paint mode.  You’ll get to choose from 20 built-in objects, everything from an elephant or crocodile to ships and cars.  Pick from 31 colors and then just touch and move your finger to paint!  Gunu is smart enough to keep your painting inside the lines, and even gives you a paint bucket if you want to fill whole sections at once.

Once you’ve completed your masterpiece, you can save it to your iPod/iPhone’s photo library, or email it directly from inside the app!  (Emailing photos requires OS 3.0 or later)

Features include:

  • Two games in one, finger paint and jigsaw puzzle
  • 20 whimsical objects to paint or play as puzzles
  • Saves your fastest times for solving each puzzle
  • 31 colors to paint with, with both finger paint (free-form) and paint bucket (touch to fill) modes
  • All of your paintings are automatically saved when you quit, switch pictures, or get a call.
  • Share your painting to your Photos library or via email