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DizzyRoids takes the old school fun of shooting asteroids and flips it on its head.

Using the built-in compass on the iPhone 3GS or easy touch controls on any iPhone or iPod Touch you’ll be blasting asteroids and getting dizzy in no time.

In a unique control mode with the compass in the 3GS, you actually control the rotation of your ship by turning yourself around in the real world.  Just make sure you have plenty of open space and somewhere to sit down when you get dizzy!

The only thing more fun than playing DizzyRoids with the compass is handing your phone to a friend and watching them spin around while shooting and dodging asteroids.

Don’t have a fancy 3GS phone?  No problem, you can play with touchscreen controls and still have the universe spinning wildly about you!  Or switch to the easy classic controls, where only your ship spins instead of the whole universe.

Features Include:

  • Unique compass controls on the iPhone 3GS
  • Touch controls for older devices
  • Infinite levels of increasingly frantic play
  • High scores
  • Full stereo sound effects
  • Retro style play with an updated cartoon art style
  • Pause the game at any time, with auto-pause if you get a phone call